Letters Signed-On & Comments

DOI Records Request Openness-Accountability Community Comments 26 Nov 2018

Government Information Watch DCRA Comment 8-10-18 Deaths in Custody Reporting Act (DOJ implementation/lack thereof)

24 Orgs Comments on BJS Data Collection NCRP 7 September 2018 Opposing Bureau of Justice Statistics request to state agencies about inmates’ citizenship & nationality

Multiple Commenters IBBC SORN Privacy Act comments 30 August 2018  Comments on Notice of a New System of Records (SORN): Department of Homeland
Security/ US Citizenship and Immigration Services-018 Immigration Biometric and Background Check System of Records; and Comments on Notice of Privacy Act Exemptions: Department of Homeland Security/ US Citizenship and Immigration Services-018 Immigration Biometric and Background Check System of Records

NGO PCLOB nominees letter to Senators Grassley & Feinstein 29 August 2018

Letter to Senate Judiciary re Kavanaugh records 27 August 2018

Sign-on Letter to Sec Mattis on DoD Secrecy  7 Aug 2018

Government Information Watch Comments on 2020 Census 7 Aug 2018  Opposing the addition of a citizenship question

Comments on DHS External Biometric Records System of Records  24 May 2018

Coalition Sign-on-ConglAcct’yAct Reform in the Senate-FINAL with orgs 23 May 2018

Protect and Serve Senate Sign On Signatories Opposing S. 2794, the Protect and Serve Act of 2018  16 May 2018

Protect and Serve House FLOOR Sign On Opposing H.R. 5698, the Protect and Serve Act of 2018, which creates a new crime for offenses that target law enforcement officers; bills such as this appear to be a political response to the growing national movement for police accountability  15 May 2018

Oversightgov Coalition Support Letter With Signature Orgs  Supporting congressional funding of Oversight.gov, the federal inspector general community’s new central website 14 May 2018

MOTION FOR LEAVE TO FILE REDACTED VERSION OF MOTION FOR RELIEF RE TAPES AND DRAWINGS FINAL Motion to Order Director ODNI  to search for tapes and drawings depicting petitioners torture, to report the results of that search under oath, and to deliver any responsive material to court security [re Gail Helt who revealed copies of torture videotapes, etc., had been sent to ODNI for archiving  1 May 2018

Coalition Letter Open Hearings With Service Chiefs  Writing in protest of a reported decision not to have any public hearings on the budget with Service chiefs, and to instead hold closed, classified roundtables 13 Apr 2018

Letter in support of CHA Markup of ACMRA  Supporting the bipartisan Access to Congressionally Mandated Reports Act (“ACMRA”) 5 Apr 2018

Senate Cong’l Accountability Act reform bill_Coalition letter Urging the Senate to act quickly to address discrimination and harassment within the legislative workforce 19 Mar 2018

AMICI CURIAE BRIEF IN OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANT’S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT AND IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT – FILED  To ensure that the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) and other agencies are not permitted to create such a significant exception to the well-established prior official disclosure doctrine that the doctrine itself is rendered virtually ineffective  16 Mar 2018

Haspel coalition letter Expressing grave concerns and asking that senators not advance her nomination until all of the records on her past involvement in the CIA torture program are declassified and released to the public 16 Mar 2018

Extreme-Vetting-Initiative FOIA-Request to DHS 1 Mar 2018

Reforms in light of Nunes Memo final  Increasing Transparency and Oversight of the Intelligence Community 18 Feb 2018

Joint Statement on H.R.2579 Opposing H.R.2579, the Secure and Succeed Act of 2018; in its current form, if passed, this bill will expand the authority of the Department of Homeland Security beyond any meaningful oversight or accountability protections 14 Feb 2018

Coalition-Letter-to-Congress-on-GREAT-Act-and-nonproprietary-identifier  Supporting the ​Grant Efficiency and Agreements Transparency Act ​(GREAT) Act (H.R. 4887) – federal spending data should be open and accessible to taxpayers and the public, free of charge or licensing restrictions 5 Feb 2018

Nonprofit Net Neutrality Sign On Letter  12 Dec 2017

38 Orgs Support ACMRA 2017-12-11 11 Dec 2017

Letter In Opposition to FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017 30 Nov 2017

43 Orgs Support Poe-Lofgren -Shut the Backdoor- Amdt to USA Liberty 6 Nov 2017

Oppose USA LIBERTY w-o backdoor fix 31 Oct 2017

Release to One/Release to All Coalition Letter  31 Oct 2017

Coalition letter calling for release of President’s tax return  11 Oct 2017

Coalition Letter to DHS Opposing Extreme Vetting Initiative 10 Nov 2017

Comments Signed On -DHS-Alien-File 18 Oct 2017

Coalition_Letter_HJC_Urging_Stronger_USA_Liberty_Act_Backdoor_Fix  13 Oct 2017

Coalition letter urging the Joint Committee on Taxation and the IRS Commissioner to release Trump’s taxes to the public under 26 USC § 6103(k)(3)  11 Oct 2017

Coalition_Letter_Section_702_Backdoor_Search_Reform  2 Oct 2017

State Dept extreme vetting comments – FINAL SUBMITTED 10.2.2017 2 Oct 2017

Letter to House Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group FOIA  20 Sep 2017

Coalition letter on cross-border access by foreign governments to electronic communications and related data held in the United States – 9-20-17 urging Senators & Members to oppose this legislation in its current form if it is introduced as either a stand-alone bill or as part of another legislative vehicle  20 Sep 2017

Coalition Letter_Private Prison Information Sharing Act of 2017 (S.1728) Dear Senator letter urging support 0f S. 1728, legislation to apply the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to federally-funded private prison facilities  3 Aug 2017

Al-Darbi Coalition Letter expressing serious concern and opposition regarding recent decisions by the Department of Defense with respect to observation of the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the potential these decisions have to negatively affect transparency in the judicial proceedings occurring there  1 Aug 2017

Commerce Committee Letter urging the Senate Commerce Committee to hold a hearing on the state of media in the United States  27 Jul 2017

702-Coalition-Letter calling for reforms to FISA Sec 702 in light of civil rights concerns and potential for law enforcement misuse  July 10, 2017